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"self-isolation is an opportunity"

"More importantly, perhaps, self-isolation means opportunity. You have the opportunity to learn more about yourself, and more about your place in the world. You have the time to read those books that you’ve always wanted to read, indulge the hobby that you never seem to have time for or spend the time with loved ones that work or some other responsibilities would pull you away from.

"It has been a huge opportunity to move away from those things in your everyday life that are simply noise or relatively unimportant. The unimportant connections you have [fall away], leaving just those ones that you value the most. And what is surprising are those connections are not what you might think they would be. Additionally, I find that I feel far more deeply about those things that I am passionate about and about those people that I love here than I would have been at home. It is a function, I think, of the unnecessary being shed, leaving only the necessary and important.

"Self-isolation is an opportunity. Opportunity abounds in our everyday life but our everyday routines seem to drown them out. Here, the routines are just those that are absolutely necessary. The opportunity to consider the beauty that surrounds you, or the opportunity to consider those thoughts that are elemental and fundamental to the human condition rise to the fore."

~ Bert terHart, considered the "the safest person on the planet", sailing solo around the globe since late October. He does not have internet access -- a team onshore does routine check-ins. He is currently about to face a 3-day tropical storm.

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