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Felicita likes: ferrets, watching sunrises, and remembering that every cloud has a silver lining.
Felicita loathes: chain letters, frozen peas, and feeling lonely.

Work done:
- face completely sand-matted
- nose, philtrum, open mouth carving
- new face up sealed between layers and overall with MSC
- four pairs new eyechips
- new eyelashes
- decoupaged eyelids
- boggled, gaze corrected, sleepy eyes, new pulls
- original Takara Radiance Renew body
Felicita is an original Blythe Musical Trench, with a long, flowing chocolate brown wig. Her wig fits securely and isn't glued down in case her mommy wants the freedom of wearing different hairstyles (this is really fun!); if you'd like it affixed, just let me know or I'll send her as is. She will travel in a cute outfit of my choosing, with her stock things, in her stock box. Please remember that as a custom handmade doll, she is not perfect and may have minor flaws, but that's what makes her special and unique.
More pictures here :)


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