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Pixie likes: cats, nighttime rain, and witnessing acts of kindness.

Pixie loathes: cowardice, paper cuts, and the words "too late".


Work done:

- face completely sand-matted

- nose, philtrum, open mouth carving

- new faceup sealed between layers and overall with MSC

- four pairs new eyechips

- new eyelashes

- decoupaged eyelids

- boggled, gaze corrected, sleepy eyes, new pulls

Pixie is an original Blythe UFO A Go-Go, with a long dark caramel wig. Her wig fits securely and isn't glued down in case her mommy wants the freedom of wearing different hairstyles (this is really fun!). She will travel in a cute outfit of my choosing on her original body, with her stock things, in her stock box. Please remember that as a custom handmade doll, she is not perfect and may have minor flaws, but that's what makes her special and unique.
More pictures here :)

Layaway info here :)

** Unfortunately I'm unable to ship to Russia at this time **


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